Friday, October 8, 2010

Beach Pizza - Summer story

This summer we spent the day at the beach in Salisbury MA with some friends. We had a great time playing in the surf and sand.

Around dinner time we decided we should order pizza. I used the trusty iPhone and Yelp! application to find something local and yummy.

Beach Pizza.

It's a square pie with very sweet red sauce and thin crust. They sprinkle a small amount of cheese as a standard and then if you ask for 'extra cheese' it is topped with single round slices of provolone. It's a very interesting combination.

I was skeptical, but the reviews from Yelp claimed it was amazing. I think this is one of those things people remember from childhood, then grow nostalgic about it later on. The stories of how good it was/is grow over time. They think back and fondly remember 'the beach pizza.'

I think another part of the memory of the great taste is that most people are super hungry from playing in the sun at the beach all day and then whatever they eat...taste's yummy.

There are two places that serve this culinary oddity...we selected Tripoli bakery. Both families loved the pizza. We ate almost 4 whole pies...and they were huge! If you are ever in Salisbury and hungry from a day in the surf - try some beach pizza.

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