Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cory's been begging for a while to go fishing.  BEGGING.  In fact, he really wanted to go with Grandpa when they came to visit.  Unfortunately we didn't get it worked out, but Grandpa, being the wise, ahem, old man that he is, spent some time teaching him how to cast in the yard.  It was very sweet, and Cory loved it.

But it still wasn't fishing, and Ted promised him that they'd go fishing--no excuses.  This past Sunday, after we got back from church and lunch, Ted and Cory gathered their fishing gear and headed out.  And they did not disappooint

Of course, when it was time to do the real work, Cory was nowhere to be found!

They were a yummy addition to our dinner that night--at least for Ted and me...the kids wanted nothing to do with them!

Monday, May 21, 2012

You Picasso Face!

Today, after a little internet researching and studying, we produced our own Picasso-like faces.

Here's what we know:

  • Picasso helped create Cubism, an art form that takes an object and breaks it down into its simplest shapes--cubes, rectangles, spheres, triangles, cones--and puts them back together in an abstract way.  
  • African masks amazed him.  He used them in his paintings and started collecting masks.
  • He was from Spain, but moved to France where he did most of his work.  His dad was an artist as well.  His mother claimed his first word was "piz piz" short for the Spanish word lapiz meaning pencil
  • He used objects around him and put them inside his paintings.
  • He was not just a painter, but also a sculptor.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A snapshot or two

Thought it might be fun to see some random pictures from our recent days.  Enjoy...

Co-op year end presentations--Lucy's music class
Could Lucy be any sweeter?
 Piano Recitals
 Riley played ALL of Fur Elise.  She did awesome!
 Mary played Home on the Range, and of course sang it, too.  The best part was when she announced that we should all sing along for the last verse.
 Cory played a song called Kite in the Sky.  He is learning very quickly.

Visiting Lake Barcis--the colors there are beautiful

Gelato at the Grand Canal in Venice
 Baseball--Cory's playing on the A's.  He's having a BLAST!
Just a few snapshots into our days...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

All Smiles

Judging by the smiles, I think everyone's having a fun time!

teaching Grandpa how to play Ninja in the backyard

roasting toes and marshmallows at the patio fireplace

sightseeing in Salzburg, Austria

singing songs from the musical at The Sound of Music pavilion in Salzburg, Austria

a first ever pony ride in Lipica, Slovenia

sharing some of Grandpa's espresso in Barcis, Italy

enjoying a Coke and Cappucino break in Aquileia, Italy

Good Times

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a GRAND adventure

The Granparents are visiting.  We've been busy seeing the sights.  Here are just a sampling of pictures from the first two weeks...
At the Pantheon in Rome

At the Arena in Verona

At Aquileia Basilica in Aquileia