Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cory's been begging for a while to go fishing.  BEGGING.  In fact, he really wanted to go with Grandpa when they came to visit.  Unfortunately we didn't get it worked out, but Grandpa, being the wise, ahem, old man that he is, spent some time teaching him how to cast in the yard.  It was very sweet, and Cory loved it.

But it still wasn't fishing, and Ted promised him that they'd go fishing--no excuses.  This past Sunday, after we got back from church and lunch, Ted and Cory gathered their fishing gear and headed out.  And they did not disappooint

Of course, when it was time to do the real work, Cory was nowhere to be found!

They were a yummy addition to our dinner that night--at least for Ted and me...the kids wanted nothing to do with them!

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