Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Adventures

After a night in Garda, we drove to a hike that promised to be kid friendly and full of waterfalls.  As the crow flies, it was probably only 15-30 minutes away, but we had to go the around about the mountain way, so it took over an hour.

We found a sandwich shop in town, picked up some paninis and then made our way through the little town and to the park area.

After paying for our entrance (by the way, they offered a military discount, which we were able to use. It saved us a whole 50 euro cents!!!  wow), we found some picnic tables and enjoyed our lunch and then we began following the marked trail.

The kids had a lot of fun here.  There were rocks to climb, a rock pillar to scale, a zipline swing to ride, and a swing that swung towards a waterfall.

And even though the water was FREEZING, the boys couldn't resist stripping down and jumping in.

Cory was a little nervous, but Dad eventually forced him into a waterfall...

Well, almost.  Just as they got to the fall, Cory bolted off of his back and swam out.

Before long though, he regained his courage.

Awesome time hiking into rock caves, too, especially for Mary who wasn't interested in getting soaked in the cold water.
A beautiful day.

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