Sunday, November 4, 2012

Salzburg Finale

Here are some final pictures and stories from our short visit to Salzburg.

The church in the town where we stayed was very quaint.

MOZART--The birthplace of Mozart, we stopped for a picture at this Mozart statue.

SCHNITZEL!  The kids love going to Austria and Germany so that they can get weinerschnitzel.  Yum Yum Yum!  After our arrival on the first night, we walked to a nearby restaurant to get some classic foods and beer.  Oh, and the kids' favorites--spezi, which is half fanta half coke, and apfel spritzer, which is a carbonated apple drink.

SCHLOSS HELLBRUN  This was a place the older two girls really wanted to make sure we went.  When Mom and Dad Nikkel visited we had gone with them, and it was a highlight for the girls.  There is an extensive fountain system in the gardens...

and not just any fountains, but trick fountains--you never knew where the water was going to squirt out at you.

Also at Schloss Hellbrun is a fabulous kids playground, with Untersberg Mountain as a backdrop.  Could it get any better?

The weather was beautiful and the leaves were turning--it was a perfect weekend to visit.

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