Saturday, April 13, 2013

Olive Oil, Olive Oil, wherefore art thou O Olive Oil?

No visit to Northern Italy is complete without a trip to Verona and our favorite olive oil spot--Bonamini.  Sabrina at Bonamini is a marvelous host, and gladly gives a tour of their facility and offers a lesson in proper olive oil tasting, as well as olive oil generously drizzled over bread.  So, we loaded up the family trucksters and headed towards Verona for a day.

First Stop:  Bonamini

We have been here a couple of times, and this was the first time we'd seen the bottling in operation.  They were bottling a garlic oil for a special event.

Listening to instructions on tasting the oil.  Guess what!  I now have a table cloth just like this one!  EEK!

We were able to get a few varieties of group shots here, too.

Then it was off to Verona with a recommendation from Sabrina for a good place to eat--just slightly off the beaten path of the main tourist stops (which we had tried before and none had impressed us).  Not surprisingly, Corte Farina offered Bonamini oil on the table!  Well played, Sabrina.  And the food was just perfect!  Here's a picture of Mary's wurstel pizza.

Then it was off to see some of the typical sites and some souvenir shopping at the market.

It became quite fun for people to attempt to photo bomb our photo ops as well:
No one here thinks you're funny.

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