Monday, October 14, 2013

Camp by Numbers

We spent a perfect weekend camping at beautiful Indian Lake State Park with some friends.  Here's our trip in numbers.

1 handsome guy who didn't have to shave for 4 days!  This is day 2

2 axes for the wood--the young boys had fun chopping wood for our fire

3 rip-sticks for kids to ride (or row) up and down the street

4 egg shells lined up in a row after frying a few for breakfast

5 shells found on the lake's beach

6 cans of Pringles--one for each member in our family so no one had to share

7 crazy kids--some obviously crazier than others!

8 bags of groceries

9 sticks for roasting marshmallows

10 marshmallows on one stick!

11 camp chairs around the fire

12 blankets to keep us warm as the nights dipped into the 40's

13 rods for catching fish.

14 years we've been blessed with this beautiful child

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