Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let Freedom Rink

This year we are busy preparing for another fun (read long) winter in the northeast, and Ted is building the ultimate fun for the kids. He and two of the other dads in the Circle headed to Lowe's this morning for supplies to build an ice rink in our side yard. Ted's been reading up on the ins and outs of a homemade ice rink online for a few weeks now, and he's hopeful for a COLD, COLD, COLD winter. I'm just really scared that Cory will be good at the skating thing and want to play hockey for real. As we've mentioned before, Cory is fascinated with hockey. It all started last year when Ted and Cory went with some neighbors to a minor league hockey game. Cory came back in LOVE with the "Doubles" (it was the Lowell Devils, but Cory says it "doubles"). The 'Doubles' won, and he was hooked. We had some neighbors whose kids play hockey, and they ended up giving Cory an old stick and puck, which you may have seen in this picture. Once the snow and ice came last winter, Cory loved going out with his hockey stuff. Imagine the fun he'll have if this ice rink thing works!
We'll keep you posted on the progress and success of Freedom Rink (Although, this might really put a dent in our igloo capabilities this year).

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Fattoes said...

I can't wait to see if this really works! Keep us all posted!