Sunday, May 2, 2010


I bet you're beginnin to think this Spring Trip South will never end!! The blogging sure seems to go on forever.

Okay, so we also visited Sea World while we were in Orlando. The kids enjoyed the smaller amusement rides they had in one section...their favorite was the Shamu Express roller coaster. This experience was remarkably different than Disney World--the kids literally got off and then right back on the rides since there were no crowds. Granted, the rides were much tamer and on a smaller scale, but I'm pretty sure the kids had just as much fun, and I think even now they would rank Shamu's Express as one of their favorite rides.
Of course we watched the Shamu experience--Riley, Mary and Cory sat with Ted in the splash zone. Luckily they did not get wet. The kids and I watched the sea lion and walrus show they have while Ted rode their big kid rides. They got a big kick out of the antics of that one. We did not see the dolphin show--kind of sad, isn't it?

We also bought the 3 animal fish pack, giving us the privilege of feeding the seals, sharks and sting rays... (and then smelling like it, too)

Mary Beth was the only one brave enough to put her hand in to feed the stingrays, but right as they arrived to swim on top of her hand (thus taking the fish with their little mouths) she quickly pulled her hand out--too scary. I don't blame her--I certainly wasn't putting my hand in the water to feed them!

We did not pay to feed the dolphins, and sadly the area was roped off differently, so that only one area was a feeding area and you were only allowed in that area if you were feeding them. Well, if Pavlov proved anything it's that animals can learn, and the dolphins didn't really swim along the sides in the area where they wouldn't get food, so we had to watch them from a distance.

Things we learned (thereby making this a school day)

  • a dolphin's mom's milk is 33% milkfat--whoa.
  • the temperature of the sand where the egg is laid will determine if a sea turtle is a male or female
  • a shark's liver takes up 90% of its body's size

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