Sunday, May 23, 2010

Way Behind

So, we've been remiss in has just kind of gotten busy all around us, and this has slipped off the priority list. So, to get you up to speed, here are a few things from the past few weeks:

As Promised.
Lucy got this adorable shirt when we went to Disney World...suits her to a T. It's most funny if you're familiar with Star Wars, I suppose
Ted again coached Cory's U6 team, with a lot of help from his friend since we ended up missing a lot of the season this year. Cory's team was the Bears. Here he squares off against one of last season's teammates.

Mary Beth played for the Ninja Turtles. She, too, missed a lot of the season, but was thrilled to be playing on the same team as her best friend. Next season begins the year of the traveling team for her age group--we'll miss the convenience of having all our soccer games on the base.

We went back to Ohio for a short trip to check in on our house in between renters. It was fun to catch up with our friends. We look forward to being there again someday
College Friends.
I had the privilege of hosting the annual get together with my college girl friends. They were here for only a weekend, which was much too short, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the chance to sightsee and reconnect and enjoy really great food (that's 5 pounds that will be hard to lose!).

General Life.
The kids have been busy playing outside in the spring weather. They've created an elaborate Indian Village with their friends in one of the backyards, and they spend many afternoons in costume cooking over the fire, hunting for berries and herbs, making "medicines," and fighting other tribes. It's quite the production.

So, there's May in a nutshell.


wildcatfanal said...

Looks like fun! I really like the kids costumes in their Indian game!

Marta said...

We made it into the blog! YAY! :)