Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Firenze, continued

Also a must see in Florence is the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge).  This bridge, once the home to the city's butchers (where they could just throw things off the side into the Arno River), was the only bridge not destroyed by the Germans after their occupation of the city during WWII.  It's said that it was deemed too beautiful to destroy. 

We found some gelato and nutella covered waffles before walking across the bridge, which is now lined with jewelry stores. 

We were headed towards the Boboli Gardens, a beautiful area behind the Medici's second palace, Palazzo Pitti, with stunning views into the city. 

After exploring there for a bit, we headed back towards the Duomo, and began handing our money over to an "artist" for caricatures of Cory and Lucy.  The older girls were holding out for a different kind of souvenir...which ended up being t-shirts, not their first choice, but a good second option. 

A bus ride back to Settignano and an outstanding dinner at a little place called Caffe Desiderio, which was quite possibly the best food we've eaten since arriving in country. 

We returned to the city on Sunday for some more exploring.  This day brought us to San Lorenzo Basillica and the Chapel of the Princes, which is the burial site for many of the Medici family.  We also wallked by Santa Maria Novella, yet another stunning cathedral in the city. 
Okay, so I'm having troubles uploading any additional photos, so perhaps I'll save the rest of Sunday for next time.

Until then...

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