Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St Valentine's Day Massacre, v.2011

Oh, it was a happy day in the Gatlin house--we received the little slip of paper in our mailbox indicating there was a package to pick up. Unfortunately, we checked our mail after the window was closed on Saturday, so we would have to wait. Monday, Ted dutifully went to the post office to retrieve our would be a great Valentine's Day surprise for us all.

And that's when he calls me. "Did you pick it up?" I ask. "Why, yes," he responds. He then proceeds to tell me that the package is leaking barbecue's already gotten on his uniform (it stinks that Mondays are blues days, so he's not in his camo to hide the mess).

*sigh* Alas, this is what he opened when he got home with it...

You might say that it didn't quite make it in one piece. I don't remember the very hungry caterpillar ever eating bbq in the story, but he ought to have. Perhaps, though, this is why the ladybug is so grouchy! I'm just hoping my folks figure out a better way to package my MR Pigs BBQ sauce.

On a brighter note, three of my sweet children spent sometime outside and created this beautiful Valentine for me...

We set it on the window ledge of the kitchen window so that I can see it.
AND! I got new rubbermaid food containers! I'm very weird that way. I'm always asking for things like this, and Ted feels like such a heel if he actually buys it as a gift, but I was honestly sad that none came in my stocking at Christmas, so I reiterated to him (and my girls, because they look out for me) that I really wanted some. So I got some. Yay me.

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