Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just because we're in Italy doesn't mean that every restaurant we go to has fantastic Italian.  That was the case last night.  Not good.  However, we found a way to make up for it!  Go to a Gelateria and drown your sorrows with dessert!  It's very effective.  I got a sundae (I can't remember what they called it).  It had vanilla ice cream, warm raspberries (WARM RASPBERRIES!) and whipped cream.  And it was absolutely perfect.

I forgot about dinner.

Riley got spaghetti for dessert...

No joke--that's spaghetti (gelato) with spaghetti sauce (strawberries) and parmesan cheese (coconut).
There are a minimum of 3 other items on the menu that will cause me to return...
Writing this has reminded me that we have taken countless iphone photos of various foods we've eaten since being here, but I don't think we've actually written about many/any of them.  hmmmm...I should get on that.

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