Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Lucky I Am

When we first looked at this house on a wet, gray, dreary November day, one of my first thoughts was how wonderful it was that there was a big yard with so many mature trees.  Of course, being November, most of the trees were bare, but there were a few giant, beautiful evergreens and among the evergreens were two magnolias, one of my favorite trees.

Mary and Cory soon discovered that this tree beside our house is an excellent climbing tree.  How lucky they are!

And then its leaves came and look how gorgeous it is now.   They're slowly turning to a deep green color.  Such a pretty tree.

But, it does have a lot of those leaves, and I've already had moments of dread for what fall weekends will be like for us because there are enough trees that the leaves in fall are going to be a mess.  But then one of the trees would bloom, and I'd say not to worry about tomorrow because it drains today of its happiness.

Of course, whenever we're wishing we could be at the beach, all we have to do is hang out in our backyard and enjoy this tree.
But the greatest two trees in our yard by far have just recently been discovered for their fantastic-ness...

Because when you look closer at these trees you will notice this...
And if you're not quite sure what "this" is, let me just say it's only the most beautiful, wonderful fruit EVER!


We have Cherry Trees.  

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