Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our first day of vacation was spent at Legoland Deutschland.  It's an amusement park, so you know the kids had a great time.  Roller coasters and spinny rides were all a big hit.

Mary's waving in the last car.  Friends are in first car.

Mary's in the front and Riley in the back car.  Their friend is holding on for dear life.

They also had some smaller rides for the little ones so Lucy could join in the fun.  She was able to drive a car, paddle her own canoe, and her favorite ride was the jeep Safari Tour that took you through a series of animals (all made of Legos of course).

She called it the "Ferrari Tour" - I'll have to teach her the real meaning of that word.

There were some water rides...a log ride, a jetski-in-a-circle-like ride, and my personal favorite - a Pirate ship where you get to soak those riding in the boats before and after you.  It's not hard to see I was having a good time.

Lucy had her face painted with her new best friends Evan (blue) and Will (orange)

The painting happened while the big kids were in driving school.  For a small fee of 5 Euros our kids were taught in German how to "drive" and they were given a small license with their pictures.  Then they took to the road in little lego electric cars.  The track was a series of interconnected roads with stop signs, stop lights, and a car wash (that was a favorite).

They had a small "factory" on site that showed how they make the small plastic building blocks with robots on an automated assembly line.  As part of the tour you were able to take home a small "new" brick.

Of course one of the best parts of Legoland was the buildings, people, and things made of legos.

There was a model area in the center with re-creations of German cities and other European landmarks.  All of the scenes contained moving cars, trains, boats, and people.  It was fun to just look at and watch the moving parts.



The Munich Soccer Stadium--Allianz Arena-- was especially interesting with the thousands of small lego people in the seats.  

This pic of Cory is one of my favorites.  If I had only given him an ice cream cone to hold.

We might have to add a Legoland II page, there are just too many cool things to mention in one blog.

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