Monday, June 20, 2011


What's a vacation in Europe without going to a castle?  Incomplete.  Again, less than ideal weather conditions, made this trip a little cold and damp a time or two, and the pictures get drowned in the clouds, too.
Not bad weather, just bad clothes--some of the kids' jackets were still wet from our hike at Eibsee, so they were wearing Dad's coat and sweatshirts.
One of King Ludwig II multiple castles, it was, not surprisingly, beautiful and impressive.  It sits at the top of a mountain of sorts, and from one vantage points appears to rise right out of the rocks.  He kind of had a thing for swans--hence the name, and the many swans within.  Also, throughout the rooms were paintings honoring Wagner of opera fame.  Unfortunately, even after 17 years of construction, he died before it was finished, at which point all work was halted.  Nevertheless, it remains a popular tourist destination and was the inspiration for Cinderella's and Aurora's castles in the Disney movies of princess fame.  You might be able to see why from these photos.

We took the horse carriage ride up,

which we overheard from another American tourist later was what all the people who didn't read Rick Steve's book did.  Yep, that would be us.  Didn't read it.

Didn't seem to matter--still had fun!

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