Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aqualandia Adventure-ia

We picked a great day to go to a water park and splash our day away.
the park is not called Laguna de Oro--this is one of the pools

The park was the perfect mixture of slides, pools, and shows for our entire crew--which can be a challenge sometimes with one of our crew still under the mark (making her fare free), and another over the mark (making her an adult fare).
above and below the height markers

We liked the clever fans/maps/showtime information that we were given at the entrance.
Upon settling at our umbrella and lounge chairs, the kids wasted no time getting wet and having huge amounts of fun.

Ted managed to find us some yummies covered in nutella and powdered sugar for our afternoon snack.

The park was not without its share of dangerous thrills...and while we have no pictures of the kids coming down any of the multitude of slides, we do have this shot of them dangerously close to a shark!
They might look scared, but don't let them fool you--the day was full of smiles!

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