Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Croatia by Boat

I (Kristi) was able to take a day away from the family (on Ted's and my 17th wedding anniversary, no less) and spend it with girlfriends in Croatia.

We went together on a trip organized by the base tickets and travel office.  We boarded a bus at the ungodly hour of 0430 and drove 4ish hours to Croatia where we were able to take a boat cruise along the shores of Croatia.

Along the way we saw some very beautiful sights...

like the Roman ruins in Porec,

some picture perfect water,

romantic and colorful city scapes...

and some sights that will haunt you...
Yes, the gentleman has on his fannypack with the speedo.  This was a tame sight--there were many nude bathers that I refrained from photgraphing.  It's just a way of life here, I guess.

We also spent a fair amount of time shopping (no surprise), and came home with these awesome hats.

The food delights included our lunch--2 mackerel, whole (yup, heads and tails on each, but they were fantastic!), a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe, a quiet dinner without having to read the menu for anyone else, and some refreshing lemon gelato in the heat of the afternoon (that was darn cheap, to boot!).
Time to plan another ladies adventure!

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wildcatfanal said...

What a fun time! You should plan your next adventure! Glad you are taking advantage of seeing the sights while you can.