Friday, August 5, 2011

Lyon (Lee-OHN)

Our hideaway in the hills in France was only an hour or so away from Lyon, the 2nd largest metropolitan area in France with about 1/2 million inhabitants.  We decided to take a trip into the city with our local guides.  Along the way we stopped in the small city of Perouges (pronounced like pair-rouge).

It was a walled city from medieval times (approx 1200).  It is now mostly a tourist stop with some shops and restaurants.

After Tony's visit we have developed an appreciation for doors.  I tried to show the kids how old this door looked and we talked about the door being a defensive and protective structure (mixed in a little home-school and professional military education at the same time).

One of the shops we went in had some swords, shields, and knight stuff.  We snapped a picture before the owners shooed us away for taking photos.  We decided not to buy anything after they told us not to take pics.

The kids enjoyed walking along the cobblestone streets.

Kristi enjoyed the bright red signs and flowers decorating the quaint  village.

Our group continued on to Lyon.  After navigating some big city traffic and construction we found the downtown area we wanted to park near, the square named Place Bellecour.  The kids enjoyed running around this giant pedestrian area.

As part of a tourism promotion they had large letters spelling ONLY LYON.  The kids enjoyed climbing the sign.

After we posed for pics, we noticed a small placard on the corner that prohibited "climbing."  We ate lunch across the street and watched while gobs of people did the same silly 'climb on and take a picture' thing we had just finished.

After lunch we walked across the Bonapart bridge over the Soane river to a funicular that traveled from the older part of the city up the hill to the Basilica of Notre-Dame.

As always only a couple of the Titanfans were really interested in this old church.  Dad really enjoyed the decorated walls and ceilings.

The stone work exterior was also amazing.

The rear of the church provided an amazing view of the city.
With our cool Tamron (18-270mm) zoom lens we could look down on the Place Bellecour.

Just down the street was a Roman Amphitheater that still holds concerts.

We were able to walk around the ruins, but honestly the modern railings and lightings for the concerts detracted from the "historical feel."

Another great pic of Kristi.

Time for another family photo.

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