Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today's field trip took us to the coastal town of Trieste.  It is in Italy near the border of Slovenia.

We made our first stop at Miramare Castle built in the mid-1800's for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximillian.  The location was bee-you-tee-full!  Right along the water with peaceful views out across the gulf (this really far away picture we took later in the day from Trieste's downtown gives you perspective on the castle and its proximity to the water).

notice anything different about this one?

We went to a slightly older castle, too.  This one, San Giusto Castle built in the 1400's, was much higher than sea level--on a hill overlooking the city and sea (and what a walk it was to get there!).  As we walked across the battlements around the castle we saw this pretty view.

Cory was excited to see the all the swords and guns at the Armory museum in the castle.

 Ted and I admired the ornately carved wood at the doorways

We also enjoyed traipsing all over some of the Roman ruins around the castle.

Cory was a little miffed that this Roman amphitheater a few blocks away was all fenced off--no traipsing here.
After all the walking around the city, it's always good to find a gelato shop--the big ice cream cone is usually a dead giveaway.

Another successful adventure for the Gatlin Family!

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