Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roma, cinque (cheen-kway)

Sunday Morning, after an early morning wake up by the bells at the nearby church, we head on our way to sightsee some more.  We are heading to Circus Maximus, the site of chariot races from the days of old.  On our way there, we passed this water fountain.  Remember, all water fountains in Rome are fed by the aqueducts.

And here is what is left of Circus Maximus...

We staged an imaginary chariot race, which you'll have to wait to see at the end of our Rome adventure blogs.  The kids practiced their handstands in the infield, and we spent some time trying to imagine what it would have looked like before it fell to nothing.  From what we read, the Colosseum would have had the same fate had it not been made a holy site by Constantine.

Day 2, Stop 5, Check

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