Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roma, due (doo-ay) and tre (tray)

After our time at The Pantheon, we continued towards Trevi Fountain, a must see, right?  We missed a turn though, and ended up following the sound of a band.  When we made our way to the music we found it was a military formation of some sort--so we hung out and watched until they paraded behind us and down the street.

Later, while reading some of our tourist books Ted and I put two and two together--apparently we were at the Presidential Palace and we watched the 4:00 changing of the guard.  We did recognize the Italian National Anthem since it's played here at all of our official AF functions.  Felt a little smart...

After that, we checked the maps and figured out how to get to the Fountain.  At some point, all you have to do is follow everyone else.  It was a ZOO of people.

We jockeyed for a position at the front and gave the kids coins to throw over their shoulders into the fountain.

We read that all the fountains in Rome are fed from aqueducts, and that the water pressure is varied depending on the flow from the aqueducts.

As Ted was getting ready to take a picture of the kids and me, a random stranger offered to take a family photo.  Of course, this is a common ploy of thieves, so Ted was hesitant, but he carefully considered the stranger and figured he could outrun her.  And her clearly American accent helped, too.

Later we returned in the evening for a second glance.  Though still crowded, there weren't quite as many people.

Day One, Stops 2 and 3, Check...

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