Sunday, January 15, 2012

December in Review: Birthdays...

Birthday Season wrapped up for us in December.  It's always so much fun to celebrate a birthday in December when everything is so festive.

Happy birthday Mary!  Our darling girl turned 10 shortly before we left for Arkansas.  A big year for the Gatlins because they go on a special date with Daddy to Pass & ID for their military ID cards.  This is probably one of the few times that a trip to Pass & ID office is any fun for anybody.  I've been there before--fun's not the word I'd use.  

And then Happy Birthday Cory!  Our sweet boy turned 8--in ARKANSAS!  He was very glad to be with some doting grandparents on his birthday.

I had a little birthday in Arkansas, too.  Nothing too remarkable.  Hardly worth mentioning.  Therefore I won't...until another post, because in the end, Ted made it a big one.  :)

Buon Compleanno to Us!

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