Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dardago Geocaching

Middle of the week days off are perfect for treasure hunting.  That's what we did on the morning of the 4th of July just outside of the adorable town of Dardago at the foot of the mountains.  And we have the pictures to prove it...
Somewhere along this wall we found...


 With the help of this...
 we made our way through the woods

then we scaled up a steep slope
 to this hazy view (way down there is our house somewhere, right?)
 and another successful find!

 Of course, all the while I took a few pictures of the kids here and there... 

 Lastly, we made our way to this little church in the middle of the woods, where we found a 3rd cache
and saw a cave above in the rock face
with our binoculars

 We also enjoyed looking at these bugs everywhere in the woods.  

Eventually one even landed on the iPad for a fun picture.

And there you have it--our geocaching adventures continue.

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