Friday, July 20, 2012


While a friend was visiting recently, we made note of many things that are different in Italy--being sure to note that it wasn't necessarily better or worse, just different.  Which reminded me of a few pictures I've taken of things here that are different.  In that spirit I bring you today's installment of Different.

We definitely lament not being able to run to the donut shop on Saturday mornings for a fun treat.  So one Saturday, Ted went to the pastry shop (Pasticceria) instead and came home with this package:

They definitely take a lot of time to wrap and present their products.  Hope you weren't in a hurry.
 Luckily, it's worth the wait.

Gelato can also be purchased in larger quantities to take home.  It comes looking like this.

And you can pick and choose the flavors you would like.  Stracciatella, nutella, caffe, limone, melone, vaniglia, menta, fragola...

Kind of fun, no?  Definitely different.

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