Sunday, January 20, 2013

Up the Mountain

Well, I knew it would happen--we got behind again.  I have the pictures cued, but getting them here has been another story.

Sledding... We headed up the mountian one afternoon to sled.  From down here it looks as though there's snow everywhere and it will be great.  Unfortunatley, once we got up there we realized that the snow was very much gone.  Except for the snow they're making on the slopes.  We did find a little area that people were sledding on, and the kids had a big time going up and down this for an hour or so.  Even the two big kids had some fun.

It was while we were at the top of the mountain that Ted got a call from the Base food court that Cory had won the "World's Largest Stocking," so after we sledded we took the kids to the food court and surprised Cory with this.

Skating...On another day, we decided that skating might be a surer bet, since it's indoors and doesn't require precipitation.

It was a very busy place, and it's been a LONG time since I've skated (can you believe I never skated on Freedom Rink?).  Is it like riding a bike?  Well, perhaps if I had skated as much as I had ridden a bike as a kid it would have been, but, no, it was hard and scary the first couple of laps. However, I did manage to not fall down!  Cory, on the other hand, seemed to be making it his goal to fall down.

Like I said, the surety that the rink would be available made it seem like a great idea, but the ice was very rough.  It was like we were skating on rumble strips the entire time.

Next time we go up the mountain, there will probably be skiing involved!  That means I won't be going.  ;)

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