Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Is So Last Year

This is for you, Grandparents--pictures of Christmas celebrations:

Dad's office Christmas party:

thank goodness for a laptop and computer--the kids were BORED and it was after 11 when we finally left!

Christmas Pageant at the chapel.  Cory was a Wiseman, Lucy was a Donkey and Mary was an Angel.  Typecasting?????

Don't miss this video of Mary singing a solo and a grand finale of all the kids and the audience belting out Joy to the World.  I (Kristi) wrangled all the kids for this little event.  It was awesome!

The kids' favorite Christmas tradition--cookies!  Making peppernuts with Mary Beth and all the kids making and decorating sugar cookies for Santa.
my favorite tool for peppernut making--the antique nut chopper

Christmas Eve pajamas--someone was GRUMPY!  Is Santa still watching or is he now too busy delivering presents in Japan?

Reading three versions of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The traditional story, A Soldier's Night Before Christmas, and (our personal favorite) A Cajun Night Before Christmas (thanks, Marta!)

Santa Comes!!!!!

Waiting to open gifts after breakfast...this nearly killed him!

Gift exchanges--we exchanged in a new way this year, which I think everyone enjoyed.  We didn't pass out gifts to the "to" person, but to the "from" person, and then each individual gave their gifts out one at a time.  I think this resulted in more hugs and thank you's.
Yay!  A camera!

One of Riley's handmade gifts...she did an awesome job for everyone!

Commence playing with Christmas gifts!
Lucy wore the "ballerina outfit" that Santa brought her.

Legos to construct

Friends came for Christmas dinner.  They brought a puzzle for us and we began assembling it with them.

Riley would love for a dog to be a part of our Christmas every year!  This year we were dog-sitting over Christmas, which might just be the next best thing.

The kids all missed being with extended family for Christmas.  We love you all!

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