Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Birthday Recaps

The last day of 2012!  Let's end the year by recapping the birthdays that happened at our house in the last year.  At least the kids'.

October 12--Riley hit the magical teenager milestone.  And she's such a beautiful teenager.  Her birthday was extra special since she was able to celebrate with her Grandma AND go to Paris!  It's a tough life for her.

November 17--Lucy turned 6.  What is happening to our baby?  She had a small birthday party with a few friends, and she was the lucky one to break open the piñata.

December 4--Our precious Mary Beth turned 11.  This girl is such a gift to us.  We celebrated with a sewing slumber party (each girl made her own pillowcase) and another piñata!

December 12--Cory turned 9 and immediately began counting down the days until he turns 10.  Slow down, little boy!  Cory's hero was TDY the week of his birthday, so we celebrated big with a bowling party for him and some friends.  STRIKE!

Can't stop them from growing up--no amount of begging and pleading will stop it.
this picture taken on Lucy's 4th birthday

this picture taken July 4th 2012

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