Sunday, December 23, 2012

London, Day 2 and beyond

Apologies--we've gotten distracted, busy, lazy.  You name the excuse.  But here we are, over a month later, and I'm going to try to plow through the rest of our London experience quickly!

We bought tickets for a Hop On Hop Off Bus, and the kids immediately declared that we needed to sit at the front on top.  It was fun while it lasted, but after the first ride we were not in that spot again, and opted for the lower level.

This bus had a kids' pack, which Lucy adored and toted around with her everywhere.

We had two main goals today--the first was Tower of London--where William the Conquerer first built after his 1066 conquering, and where Henry VIII beheaded at least one of his wives.  As I was describing this visit to someone the other day, I commented that this location had something for all the kids to enjoy--crown jewels for the girls and torture chambers and techniques for the boys.

An empty guard booth was a great place to pose.

Raven keeper was throwing meat to the birds

From here we had a beautiful view of the Tower Bridge (not London Bridge).  The kids all want the Lego set of this, but at close to $200, I doubt they'll ever get it.

Goal 1 complete.  The second goal was taking in a show.  Before we left we had purchased tickets for The Lion King!  The kids were so excited.

Once in the theater they borrowed these binoculars that were in each of the seats.  Cute.

They were very involved in the entire show--on the edges of their seats, cheering and clapping wildly, belly laughing at the funny parts.  It was a great choice for a show that will likely be remembered for years to come.

Goal 2 complete.  I should mention that there was a third goal for a couple members of the family--have Fish and Chips whenever possible.  Riley did her part to do just that this night as well.

 A good day with many goals accomplished...What will the next day hold?

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