Saturday, December 8, 2012

London Day 1 (cont.) - Museum Artifacts and an Evening Stroll

After the walk we found lunch.  I was so excited to get some real tex-mex type yumminess!

Then we found the British Museum

 Since Good Ol' Britannia owned much of the world at one time...they have some pretty cool things in their museum.  Our first stop was the Rosetta Stone.  See the three distinct types of script that allowed scientists to finally decipher the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The giant statues of the Pharaohs.

 Burial chambers of all sizes

 This close up picture allows you to see the detailed writing the Egyptians put on all the various burial pieces.

Behind the kids is a "fake door" that was really a wall inside the maze buried inside the pyramids.  Funny how the ancient civilization worked so hard to keep people out...and we end up putting things like this in a museum for all to see.  

I think this was the Assyrian part of the museum.
Much of the Parthenon was cut away and moved here many many years ago.  These stones are part of the intricate carvings that surrounded the walls of that ancient building in Greece years ago.  

We stayed on the River Thames, about a mile from the Eye.  It was a good landmark for us much of the trip to know where we were in relationship to our apartment.

We found a small Christmas market with a carousel.  The kids all enjoyed the ride.  It was quite a fast ride.  It moved so fast it had a height Lucy had to ride with me in a seat.  

You can just hear Mary squeal...wheeee!!!!

As promised, more of our collection of Big Ben photos.  This was taken under the shadow of the Eye.

Pictures from along the river walk back to our apartment.

Here's the view from very close to our apartment.  It was really fun to be along the river and enjoy the views.

Sorry for the delay in completing the London journal.  We maxed our google storage.  I decided to pay the penalty tax for a while and see how it works.  It's less than 0.10/day to upgrade.  Seems easier than trying to figure how to move these years of photos and stories or to part with them.

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