Saturday, December 29, 2012

London--departure day

Our weekend in London was coming to an end, but we had a few hours on the last morning to geocache!!  We were hoping to leave a travel bug here, but we couldn't find any nearby caches that weren't micros.

We headed to one that looked to be in a neighborhood park.  As we walked there we saw these signs posted on area businesses.

Great!  We're looking for the cache while folks are cleaning out debris and planting bulbs for the spring.  How will we manage to be stealthy?  How will we not look odd and out of place?  Eventually we just told a couple of the folks what we were doing.  They even let our kids plant some of the bulbs!

And we found the cache!

It was a gross, wet morning, but we remained undeterred and went for a second cache.  This one was across the river from our apartment.
Our apartment building complex from across the river.  

The MI6 building (made famous by 007 James Bond) that was also across the street from the river (and across the street from our apartment).  The cache we found was in reference to this.

A third cache remained unfound for us and we had to call off the search to head back for a bite to eat before making our way to the airport.

A great visit to London.  But I must admit, that if these notices hadn't been painted on the streets at the crosswalks I'm sure we would have been hit by a car.

And lastly, while walking around London I made it my personal goal to find the letters of our last name in architecture.  Here they are:

And then I found Lucy's name!

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