Thursday, December 27, 2012

London, Day 3...Trying to Wrap This Baby Up!

Another fun day in London--maybe a highlight for the kids because this was the day we went to the London Eye.  But not before stoping first at The Imperial War Museum.

This had been advertised on AFN (our TV "cable" here).  Until you've experienced AFN commercials you really haven't lived.  But I digress.  As we looked at the map it appeared that we could walk from our apartment to the Museum on the way to the London Eye.  Cory REALLY wanted to go here based on the advertisements.

It was a bust--a couple of planes and vehicles in the main area.  A room highlighting their Secret Spy agencies, a room highlighting the life of a family through WWII, and a room that had subject matter that was too mature for our audience--crimes against humanity type stuff.  The rooms were interesting, don't get me wrong, but the overall museum-ness was not what Cory had hoped for.  (Though the giant cannons outside had been promising!)

Okay, onto the London Eye!  It was a great day for enjoying London from this vantage point.

Got our tickets, got in line, got in our capsule for the half hour ride around.  The kids were stoked!

Look kids!  Big Ben, Parliament!  (It never got old--well, at least not to Ted and me)

We took a river cruise from here back towards the Tower of London and enjoyed some more great views.

Once here, Cory donned his souvenir--a Henry VIII style hat.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...
Here's where things got a little off track for us.  We had hoped to use our Hop On Hop Off Bus plan to get towards Shakespeare's Globe Theater and eventually to Hyde Park.  Unfortunately for us, there was some sort of rerouting due to traffic issues, and our detour took us way longer than expected.  We stopped at Buckingham Palace as planned, but by that time we were all a little worn out.

So we decided to head to the shopping district, because we are predominately girls, and we're never too tired to shop!  London was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

To placate our tortured, toured-out kids we walked into Hamley's, London's mega toy store.  Good gravy!  This place was huge and PACKED--all four floors!!!!!!  But, we found the floor with Legos!  And the life-sized Lego structures did not disappoint!

Photos are not allowed of the crown jewels, but we were able to sneak one past the guards.  Well, alright, these are really the Lego crown jewels...

Lucy had asked all weekend if she would get to see the queen.  Looks like the answer is yes!

 Give the royal wave everyone!


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