Thursday, March 28, 2013

The trip in which we probably should have turned around

We had a two night jaunt planned to Slovenia.  Our group of 12 would stay in the small town of Skofja Loka and, from there, see Ljubljana and Lake Bled.  It seemed like a fine idea, and though the weather forecast was not great (the prediction was light snow), we agreed it was likely surmountable.  How bad could 5 mm of snow be, and even if it is snowing, snow is at least better than rain, no?

So, we loaded up with a couple of extra pairs of socks and made sure to pack gloves and scarves.  We began our two-ship drive to Slovenia.  And let me just say right now that the first 30 minutes proved to be quite a foreshadow of the "two hour" drive.  We're boogying along on the autostrada and I keep asking Katharine, "Is that snow, or rain, or sleet coming at us?"  And for a while we couldn't really ever decipher what it was, we just knew it was really windy, and really wet.  But, it will pass quickly, because Slovenia just had 5 mm of snow predicted, right?


We got to the vicinity of Trieste, where we had planned to stop for lunch, but rain/sleet/snow and a road closure foiled that plan, so we stopped at Ikea (I'm not even kidding) for lunch.

We decided to take the alternative route, or maybe that was decided for us, really, and get back on our merry way...and it just got worser and worser.

We were on a mountain pass with strong wind gusts and snow (which is blowing sideways), and it was downright scary--because there was clearly going to be more than 5 mm of snow.

Eventually we pulled off in a parking area and Jon (who is now a knight in shining armor) emerged from the other vehicle and lets me know that he'll be driving my car.

To be fair, when we looked out the side windows, the scene was idyllic.

However, from the front windshield it looked more like this.

And our "2 hour drive" was more like 4 or 5...ugh.

The destination was worth it, though.  Look how pretty it was in Skofja Loka...

But check out all the snow on the cars the next morning (when it was STILL snowing!)  

5 mm of snow isn't much right?  Will we make it to Lake Bled, or will the snow keep us at the apartment

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