Sunday, March 24, 2013

Venice with Friends

It is no small thing to travel around Europe with our family of six.  Now try doubling that.  We're like our own little tour group--we just need to start holding up an umbrella to make us look official.

Our fearless leader--no umbrella, but managed to lead the way and we didn't lose any kids!!

But, it sure is a lot of fun traveling with friends, because then you can play games like Ninja in random town squares, while the parents enjoy a vin brule.  Win-Win...

This is a foot-stomping game of some sort--sounds painful to me.  Evidence of the vin brule on the right side of the  picture
And between Campanile,
Glad the bells were not tolling--it would have been LOUD!


Gelato's necessary, even if we have to wear our hoodies to keep us warm while we eat it!

In Venice, but we shop at Disney for our souvenirs--geesh!

and gondolas
Love these buddies!
we have fantastic memories

You should see the eyes of the ticket sales people when we say "otto bambini"

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