Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crete Market

Our final port of the cruise was the island of Crete.  This was after two days in a row of major sightseeing stops (Athens and Turkey), and the three younger kids decided staying on the boat with the kids' club was probably more fun than anything we could drum up on Crete, so they stayed.  Riley saw the opportunity to spend a day with her parents alone and snatched that up fast!  However, after our first stop, the old market, I think she might have wished she had chosen differently.

Now, I realize in the grand scheme of markets (especially for our friends in Japan), nothing here was that exotic or crazy, BUT it was absolutely disgusting to Riley, which made it all the more fun for me!  Here are some of the things she saw.

Sides of pigs being schlepped in from a truck

Chickens--hanging upside down whole, with heads and feet

 Rabbits--skinned, except for their "lucky" feet (see the far left animal)

Animals skinned with their bushy tails left

Snails--in the shell, alive and netted so they might not escape (although a few had).  Maybe we should have tried the escargot offered on the ship!

There was also regular, tame things--like coffee!  This is for our friends at Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters (my personal favorite is the Honduras Cafe' Bejucales).

AND, Riley got a beautiful sundress from this market that she wore to our last formal night dinner.

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