Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taormina, Sicily

Mario, our driver, had a few goodies for us to enjoy after the visit to Etna--some typical Italian sweets topped with slices of fruit, like strawberries, kiwi, melon and orange.

Surprisingly the orange was very tasty.

Not a Fanta, but this will do.
And then it was on the road again--handstands around the world at Etna.

We continued our day in Sicily at a little village on a hill called Taormina.

The colorful buildings are always pretty--especially with the summer flowers!

It is known for an Ancient Greece Amphitheater, at which we made a stop.

From the theater were beautiful views--of mountains, sea and villages.
Looking through an arched portico at the mountains

Shift a little and you can see Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna from the stadium seats.  Obviously, they still use this theater for preformances

I think this looks like a t-rex holding a bouquet of flowers.  What do you see?

After taking in some gelato we headed back to Messina, Mario's home.
Fragola Stracciatella, Regular Stracciatella, and Tiramisu
He shared some of the history and showed us around some of the highlights of the little town including this view of the port.

We also stopped at the church with the world's largest astronomical clock, which does its thing everyday at noon.

Then it was back to the cruise ship for dinner and Kids Club!

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