Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grace Race - Results

10 Oct the family ran in the Grace Race.  The Grace Race was a 5 mile road race put on by our church to raise money for an orphanage in Kenya.  This year they also had a 5k (3 mile) run/walk.  Kristi and the Kids participated in that one while I cheered on the side.  I had planned to run the 5 mile, but then I broke my ankle.  So I just watched on the side with Lucy. 
Many of you may have received letters from us asking for donations for the orphanage. The fundraising efforts are still on-going, but so far it has been a huge success.  They received over $100,000 dollars.  The orphanage had building plans already drawn up that can now be put into motion.  The end goal is $200,000 so this one year gets them over half way. 

The kids really enjoyed the race.  Here's some pics from the finish line.   Riley and Mary led the team.  Cory and Mom were close behind. 

Many of our neighbors and church family ran.  Here's a pic of the Brooks before the race.  It was a great Saturday morning.  Thanks to all those who helped contribute on our behalf. 

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