Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fractured Medial Malleolus

There I was...on a fast break streaking towards the hoop.  There was only one defender, and I had a teammate in poisition under the basket.  I forced the ball in as far as I could in order to get the defender to commit before I deicided to pass or shoot.  He played it well and I ended up trying for a layup...and then I landed on him.

The ankle rolled - I fell, writhing in pain. 

The next day it hurt but I forced the ankle into some combat boots and soldiered on.  At the end of the workday I had soccer practice for Cory's team (the Green Giants).  I changed into sneakers...after noting my ankle was not a healthy color.  I was in pain and unable to really move much in the sneakers.  We elevated and treated that night, but in the morning it was black and blue and really, really swollen.  So I decided it was time to call in AF medicine. 

At first they decided it was sprained badly, but x-rayed it just in case.  While I was waiting at the clinic pharmacy for my Vitamin M (that's AF speak for Motrin) the doc came and found me.  She said it was broken.  The next two hours were spent splinting and bracing with some crazy gauze that solidifies after you take it out of the package.

Here are the X-rays.  In low res version.  It is my Right ankle, medial malleolus, that's the lower tip of the tibia the larger bone in the lower leg.  It's really just a chip so it should heal well without surgery.  It's the inside, same side as the big toe. 

Today they sent me to an orthopedic Dr off base.  They gave me a much smaller boot/brace/splint.  They said stay off it for 4-6 weeks.

I guess I'm not running in the Grace Race in 10 days.  That stinks.

Now K really has her hands full with the kids and a big gimpy hubby on crutches.

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