Monday, September 28, 2009

Going Green

We are once again spending our Saturday mornings watching the best sports teams in the country.  That would be the Green Light Sabers: the force is with us and the Green Giants.  They are led by two up and comers in the sport:  Mary and Cory. 

This is Mary's 3rd season of soccer, and she seems to really have a good time every time she's on the field.  And while she loves to play offense (she scored two goals in last Saturday's game, even though we're not keeping score yet), she is proving herself to be a defensive player too.  In this picture she and her best friend are jockeying for position with the ball. 

Cory is having a great time, and thinks his coach is totally wicked.  Cory chases after the ball hard and has managed to score a goal too! 

Go Green!

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