Sunday, September 6, 2009

We'll Miss Him

We're preparing to say good-bye to Ted for 4-6 months again. It will be different here--nothing will seem the same.

I'm talking, of course, about losing him to football. It happens every year from sometime in August until February.
When we were first married I used to wonder why he would be so preoccupied on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I would want to go shop for new household items--furniture pieces, for example, that I needed his help selecting. And then I noticed him slow down as we passed the electronics dept--you know, where they have TVs lining the walls--to watch the "game" that was being played. And then he'd offer to go with me as long as we could be back at a certain time (most often the time of the Razorback or Titan game). It was most problematic when we lived in Las Vegas and the games that started at 1:00 east coast time were starting at 10:00 in Vegas--it's a good thing there was an early church service we could attend, but forget about going out for lunch after church!

Things aren't so bad, really. He's committed to watching certain games, but because of DVR (the best money we've ever spent) he can record the game and watch it later (and faster!).

That serves us as well as it does him, because try as he might to ignore us during the game, those four kids of his are pretty persistent when they want something.

Go Titans, Razorbacks and Falcons!

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Cory said...

Wow--those shirts are really good lookin! Who picked those out? Whoever it was has a real sense of style!