Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip of a Different Sort

On Monday we took a family bike ride along the Minuteman Bikeway. We left the base with 5 bikers and one lucky girl sitting in a bike seat. We rode to Lexington, which was about 4 miles away--one of those miles on a busy road before we even got to the trail, hence a long discussion about safety before we left the driveway. Once in Lexington we enjoyed some Dunkin' Donuts to reward our hard work--somehow Lucy got one, too, and she didn't have to do anything!
We putzed around Lexington Green for a few minutes talking about what happened when the Redcoats came to stop the Patriots--Cory can't get enough of this story, eager to know if interpreter walking around the Green to talk with folks was a Patriot.

The biggest thrill was stopping at Candy Castle--Riley's only been begging me to go there for months!

Before gearing up for the return trip, we checked the handy-dandy geocaching app on our iphone and discovered there was a kid-friendly cache not far off the bike path. So, after a quick stop into CVS to get some trading swag, we started back.
This time the trail was much busier with bikers, walkers and rollerbladers going in both directions. Some of the busy-ness must have distracted Cory a bit because one minute we're happily pedaling along and the next one he's on the ground. I couldn't quite make out what happened--it just seemed that his bike fell out from under him. I was the caboose, but with Lucy in her seat on my bike, I wasn't much help to the fallen boy. After that Ted brought up the rear to ensure someone would be able to clean up after any more tumbles.
As exciting and fun as it was, our little 8 mile trip is nothing compared to my brother's plans for this upcoming weekend. He's gearing up for the 150 mile Bike MS: Petit Jean Pedal to the Peak this Saturday and Sunday to support my mother in her struggles with multiple sclerosis. Brad has designated monies raised through his page to go solely towards programs and services for people diagnosed with MS. Have a great ride, Brad! We look forward to pictures.

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