Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've determined that I spend a lot of time spinning. Mind you, it's not the sort of spinning that turns wool into yarn or straw into gold. It's not even the kind of spinning that gets your heart racing as you burn calories away.

This is my sort of spinning:
child: I don't want a banana with my lunch
me (having already opened the banana): Are you sure? It will be great! You already have macaroni and cheese, and with this banana it will be a yellow meal! I can even give you some goldfish if you'd like. It's yellow day! How cool is that?
child: awesome! I'm having an all yellow lunch! Ha ha ha little sister, you're not!

And so I begin spinning for the next child.

I think parents do a lot of this sort of spinning. Just yesterday we were having a massive paper mache pumpkin making extravaganza in the middle of our circle. Everyone was dripping with the homemade glue as we helped the kids get newspaper strips circled around their balloons.

One little girl's soggy balloon fell as she was transporting it to the line to dry, and you wouldn't believe how we all quickly found a way to spin this tragedy to triumph. We commented that it would make a fantastic texture on her pumpkin, oohing and ahhing over it--before long we had her convinced that we should roll the entire balloon in the dirt (kind of like a donut in cinnamon sugar, but not nearly as yummy).


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wildcatfanal said...

Too funny - I have done that too but probably not always as cheerfully. You are an awesome mom!