Monday, February 22, 2010


Another season of sports is coming to a close. This was Mary's third season of basketball and Cory's first. Ted volunteered to coach Mary's team, after he strong-armed our friend Katharine to assist with him. Their team was the Blue Wizards.

Not being a big fan of playing basketball myself, I find it fascinating to see how much Mary, in particular, enjoys playing. She just seems to have a lot of fun out on the court. This past Saturday she scored two goals!! I was so proud.

She continues to be a defensive force as she was in soccer this past fall. She has a staring technique that's quite effective--this guy in particular seemed almost mesmerized by her hypnotic stare. It was a crack up.

Cory's team name waffled between the Gold Fish and the Tigers. At one point I think he said they were Tigerfish. Who knows. He had a lot of fun, though. Smiling the whole game, hustling up and down the court, and scoring.

We were impressed with Cory's enthusiasm and confidence on the court--especially considering how shy and stand-offish he can sometimes be.

Only one game remains. Then it will be time for trophies and pizza parties. And only a few short weeks before spring soccer is in full swing and we're unable to sleep in on Saturday mornings once again.

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