Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday

1. I know I'm a successful parent because...after church today Lucy asked if we were going to 'poat-lay' (meaning one of my favorite restaurants...Chipotle). She was disappointed when I said no. Must be doing something right.

2. True NFL a discussion with a buddy the other day I told him, "Yeah I want to see the Colts win. I'm an AFC guy." (You know the Titans are AFC). Kristi later on quizzed me about who I would root for if the Patriots were in the game. I had to respond with yeah I guess you are right - that whole AFC thing breaks down at that point. Smelly Pats.

3. Apparently I only exercise on major holidays. I followed up the Turkey Trot Fun K run on Thanksgiving with a Super Bowl Shuffle today. My buddy said I could not come over for the Big Game party unless we went on a 3 mile run to burn off the calories we plan to ingest. Temp was well below 32. What was I thinking - I'm from Arkansas!

Wearing Titans gear of course. But also have a Camp Bucca T-shirt on underneath to remember those who have to miss this glorious holiday defending our nation (like I did in JAN 08 - at least I was able to miss a Pat's Superbowl).

Go Colts.

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