Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's the Point?

One of my favorite magazines arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. It's the same magazine that I have to hide from Riley the day it comes in the mail, lest she read about my fun plans before I can execute them. I flipped through the pages and came across some great ideas for art activities for the kids. These activities imitate famous artists and their styles. Our first project was based on Seurat's pointillism technique. I quickly latched on to this one in particular, having once been completely enthralled by his painting at The Art Institute of Chicago many, many years ago. This painting is HUGE--considering it's all painted with dots! So, let's do it kids.

First, they each picked a design or scene to paint, and we penciled the design lightly onto the canvases.

Then we used the erasers of unused pencils to paint hundreds of dots onto the canvases.

While our paintings weren't as big as Seurat's, Cory was a little overwhelmed by the 16 x 20 canvas, so I helped him out.

Can't leave Lucy out, she will have none of that! She is busy painting one of the idea sheets. She also painted a canvas with her bingo daubers.
Our finished projects look really great. I need to find an empty wall now to display them. If the kids will let me have them...

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