Saturday, September 25, 2010

Freedom No More!

Freedom Circle and the large open yard next to our (old - pre-renovation) house has provided many great memories.

It was a giant play area for the Ga Ga Pit:

It housed Camp Freedom:

It was a major site for the Family Olympics:

Kristi's Square Foot Garden lived here:

My personal favorite use for the area was Freedom Rink:

And countless other swordfights, capture the flag games, and circus acts:

It's sad time on the circle...FREEDOM NO MORE!

Construction has taken the area over. The great flat field has been transformed into a loud dusty pile of rocks and giant orange vehicles. This picture shows the back of #8 and the heart of our camp area. The fence takes away all the natural play area that was there before.

Here's #7's shed barley holding on the last piece of green.

Here is the view from #7's driveway.

The ugly steep hill that was behind #8 & 9 has been removed, but the construction seems a little close if you ask me. I'm glad Hopper went off to a Farm. He would have had a hard time living behind this house.

I'm excited for the new houses and the fun that families will make in new places, but it is hard to see through the "Pain of Progress"

Must be time to move...

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