Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Luckily she did not "break her mommy's back"

While in DC we spent a couple of evenings hiking a riverside trail close to the hotel. It was technically goose creek and flows into the Potomac River. There were a few geocaches along this trail so we used it as a great diversion to get the kids out of the hotel room and expend some energy.

We found some shallow areas to explore and look for critters. Cory almost captured this frog.

The kids decided to scramble along some rocks and brave the "rapids!"

At one point on the trail the geocaching sent us up a steep hill. Dad and Cory braved the hill into what was most certainly a snake hangout. If you know my know I was troubled. Luckily no snakes but we did find the cache.

This particular part of the trail was close to the river and had a steep drop to the water. Some areas were natural drainage points and were slightly hazardous. I tried to keep the kids away from the edge, but little Lu had some trouble.

She slipped into what she described as a "fall-ee-crack". Demonstrated above by Riley. Her sister riley was quick to jump to her rescue and pull her out. This picture recreates the event although the roles are reversed after Lu had stopped crying. She didn't think it was so funny when she was hanging for her life. In reality it was just a short drop to some roots and ground and she would not have fallen in the water, but Lu was not so sure.

Some of the trail had some great bridge type areas. The kids all enjoyed the risky two tree bridge.

We all enjoyed the hikes, and even though Lucy stepped on a "fall-ee-crack...she did not break her mother's back.

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