Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to You and You and You

While planning our trip to Arkansas, my brother suggested we have a birthday party for everyone in the family at one time. It was a perfect idea--since we are rarely together for each other's birthdays, we also rarely have the pleasure of giving a gift in person or share a birthday cake and any other fun birthday traditions. Did I mention exchanging gifts? The kids were most excited about that little detail.

We grilled burgers and dogs (on the new grill we gave Grandpa), took a group photo,

sang Happy Birthday (just once, thankfully), blew out candles on a cake with everyone's names that we then devoured,

exchanged presents,

and, of course, took a few whacks at a pinata for good measure.

It was truly a great day...hopefully the kids won't forget about the presents they already got when their birthdays roll around this fall.

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