Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Guest

We were fortunate to be able to host our first house guest a few weekends ago.

We were expecting to spend an hour or so at the airport terminal visiting with Ted's cousin, Tony. He is retired from the Air Force and now works as a civilian for Uncle Sam. He was heading for a deployment, and his flight plan included a layover here! We were thrilled. (on a side note, Tony was heading out to replace the same guy in the field that Ted replaced here...this guy's been replaced by a T Gatlin twice), such a small Air Force.

When his flight got delayed until the next day we were bummed, but still looking forward to seeing him, even if just for a little bit.

He arrived at the terminal, and all six of us were there with some chocolates to say hi and visit for a couple of hours. After about 30 minutes, we realize his flight is being significantly delayed, and they're bussing guys to dinner. We offer to pick something up from the food court and bring it back to him. Soon we are spread out on the tile floor with an impromptu picnic of greasy chicken and burgers.

It wasn't much longer when his flight got delayed for two days. Italians are sensitive about their quiet time, and the takeoff Saturday would be too late without some noise waiver, which they weren't able to acquire. Since Sunday had the same quiet time rules, the flight wasn't going anywhere before Monday.

After Ted convinced the folks that he would be responsible enough to take care of Tony for a few days and get him back to the terminal on time, we headed to the house with an extra person in the van.

YIKES! Is the house clean? Am I ready for company?

We had a nice time. We went driving around a little on Sunday morning and found some lunch at an Italian restaurant. Then we headed out again in the evening and found some PIZZA!

The kids loved him...Lucy was calling very loudly from the back seat. "Tony...Tony...Tony" so she could tell him all about her doll, Waywar. Cory found out from Ted that Tony used to be in the Marines, and he pestered Tony for story after story.

It was great to catch up with him. We would like to visit with him on his way back home, but I'm sure he'll be anxious to get back to the states and not spend a few extra days in Italy.

We have some pictures to share for this story, but the silly iPad wont
Let us upload them. Still waiting for home internet service. We also have some more travel stories, but we've been waiting for the internet to be hooked up or the iPad to let us upload again. We might have to cop me up with an alternate blog plan.

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