Saturday, January 1, 2011

Daddy can you teach me to ski?

The other day we drove up to the mountains. They are amazingly just 30 minutes we can be at a Ski Resort Town. Piancavallo. I haven't skied since college, so I'm sure I'll be a little rusty...but I have to teach the kids since we are this close. Teach may not be the word - expose them to the sport might be more appropriate.

They have a few slopes and about 5 lifts with mostly easy to moderate runs. There is a x-country park as well as a snowboard fun park. This area will be perfect for the kids to learn on. They also have a sledding area. On this first trip we decided free sledding would be great for the kids. They also have an ice-skating rink. I'm sure it's no freedom-rink, but we'll have to try it anyway.

It's kind of like being in Colorado Springs, with the mountains so close, but it's even more dramatic that we can be sunny and 40-50deg here at home and then in less than an hour be up in mountains skiing.

This should be fun!

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